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The Importance of Profit Sharing or Supplemental Compensation

In our more than thirty years of experience with small and mid-sized agencies, we have seen the critical importance to agencies of profit sharing or supplemental compensation. Whether called profit sharing, contingency income, bonus or supplemental compensation – this additional compensation is for many agencies the Principal’s take home pay at year end. And, in this ongoing soft market when revenues are down for many agencies, supplemental compensation becomes even more vital.

What is an Iroquois Market Alliance?

A Market Alliance with an Iroquois Carrier-Partner is:

6 Ways to Evaluate Networks

When comparing Iroquois to other agency networks, groups or aggregators, consider the following 6 questions:

Iroquois 201

(2:27) - This video will give you more details about the Iroquois Group. It will also explain how an independent insurance agent can grow due to our marketing expertise and profit sharing.